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​Individual Sessions


Transformational Therapy


​An individual session that allows one to unblock limited states of consciousness that obstruct their ability to experience the needs and potential of their life condition. Through channeled energy, facilitated by Peter, the individual feels a deep state of clarity and peace as the Guides of Light inform the individual about the hidden patterns of their consciousness and give specific remedies to align and balance their life and state of energy frequency.

Vibrational Harmonic Healing


As the subtle energies within the body are gently opened the emotions dissolve, as the mind becomes clear and calm. Facilitated through Jonathan, this unique healing modality allows the muscles to let go of their protective tensions, as the body receives the communication that it is safe to let go of past fears and limiting beliefs. This communication is transmitted through Jonathan's hands, making the session a deeper experience than simply massaging the muscles for temporary relief. The focus and intention is to allow the individual to open to and experience an energy that surrounds the physical body, which reveals a deep sense of peace and Light.

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