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Gathering of Light

An inspired meditative experience. The facilitator, Peter, trance channels information and subtle energies assisting the participants to experience a heightened level of awareness of which the mind of thought dissolves into the Essence of pure Vibrational Frequency of clarity and Light. The benefits are derived through the experiential process of feeling a deep presence of stillness and peace. Participants have the opportunity to ask the "Guides of Light" questions concerning their life and life processes.

Vibrational Harmonic Healing

An opportunity to learn through an experiential process specific techniques to heal the physical emotional, and subtle bodies. In the process of learning these techniques the participants experience the core of the healing process, as they feel the Vibrational frequencies brought into the healing space, facilitated by Jonathan. Each participant has the opportunity to both share and receive a Vibrational Harmonic Healing session.

Breath and Sound Healing Meditation

Through specific breathing techniques and chants the participant has the opportunity to both clear and raise the vibrational frequencies of their energies and consciousness.

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