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The School of Vibrational Healing was founded on the philosophy that everything is consciousness. The beliefs and ideas that one supports in any given moment ultimately becomes the individual's reality. Beliefs and thoughts are energy, the quality of these beliefs and thoughts is consciousness. As an analogy energy is the clay, and consciousness is the hands molding the clay.

All that exists is energy, we term energy as the Vibrational Life Force. The Vibrational Life Force is energy vibrating at the specific frequency which is LOVE. As one feels, connected to this divine presence they feel its state of consciousness and experience a great state of peace and inner calm.

The only obstacle that separates one from this divine state of living is their limited thoughts and beliefs that are vibrating at a denser frequency. An individual's reality is simply a direct reflection of their connection to love or their separation to love.

Although the above philosophy is quite simple in its words, the challenge of living in a state of consistent union is challenged by past traumas in one's consciousness, which prevent them to be willing to be present in the given moment, which is the only place one can feel, access, the Vibrational Life Force.

The commitment of The School of Vibrational Healing is to assist the individual to support a life condition of consistent union with the Life Force of LOVE. The curriculum is based on an experiential approach. For it is through experience not understanding that one can truly live in this state of freedom and self-liberation. It is an experience to be felt not understood.

Dedicated to the Sacredness of Stillness and Peace

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